Silimax 200


Multipurpose sealant, mono component, flexible permanently made for adhesion. Silimax 200 cures rapidly when exposed to the moisture in the atmosphere to form a durable bond.  High quality of adhesion and flexibility. Available also in RTV version.

Silimax 100%


Silimax 100% is a silicone sealant RTV being certified food NSF and UL. Formulated from withstand the high temperatures and glazing applications and construction joints. Offers excellent resistance to UV and weathering. Once cured, highly durable form a seal.

Silimax Neutral


Elastomeric silicone sealant with component neutral cure. Cure rapidly under the influence of humidity (air and materials), and formed a joint flexible. Has a exceptional resistance to weathering, including UV rays.


Silimax Neutro has a excellent adhesion to plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, etc, except Teflon and polyethylene).

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