If you need assistance with your design, please send us your logo and ideas you would like to be incorporated into that design.  Please email us with “Design Assistance” as the subject line.

In addition to this Project Management service, all private label customers will also have the option of submitting their own print-ready artwork, or if you prefer, our graphics team can develop a design for you that incorporates your own logo and ideas.



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About Us

Maxitech is a multi-national company that combines over 50 years of American and European knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of industrial grade adhesives and sealants.  We are the leader in our industry, and possess the versatility and flexibility to create products that serve a wide range of commercial enterprises.

Our Mission

Cost Consciousness

About Polyurethanes

Maxitech strives to be an authentic and trustworthy company with documented organizational methods and procedures.  Our goal is to be error free while utilizing sound inventory tracking, control, and operational policies.  Because of this, Maxitech is able to create high-quality, Private Label sealants and adhesives, for specialized sectors of business that range from construction to automotive, in a cost effective manner.


Polyurethane coatings make a product look better and last longer; and are used in the production of cars, airplanes, buildings and bridges.


Polyurethane adhesives provide strong bonding, and the advantage of a rapid initial bond, which reduces the need for clamping and holding materials.


Polyurethane sealants provide tight seals and can be used in plumbing, road repair, and construction.


Polyurethane elastomer can be molded into almost any shape, and are lighter than metal, offer superior stress recovery, and can be resistant to many environmental factors.  This type of product is good for snowplow blades, augers, shopping cart wheels, skateboards, roller coasters, and factory fixtures.

Also in today’s competitive markets, Maxitech’s cost-consciousness efforts had helped businesses all around the world in achieving financial feasibility, meeting and exceeding our client cost expectations.


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